Mower Blade Hub Adapter

Mower blade compatibility
Mower blade compatibility

So I picked up a new mower blade that sported a sticker claiming it probably fit my Craftsman mower. Got it home, took off the old blade, and it actually fit the mower; the holes matched the hub’s drive pins, although the bolt hole was oversized.

The old blade was a replacement, too, with a square hub hole and an adapter to fit the bolt. The blade had slots for the drive pins, so the adapter was required.

Seeing as how nothing exceeds like excess, I rummaged around in the heap to find something that would serve as an adapter in the central hole. It’s not really necessary, but I’m that type of guy.

As it turned out, an ordinary lockwasher for a 3/8 inch bolt was just about perfect. I crunched one in a short bolt with two nuts jammed in place …

Lockwasher ground for mower blade
Lockwasher ground for mower blade

… introduced it to the coarse side of Mr Grinding Wheel, and, after a few shots with a hammer, it became a perfect fit:

Lockwasher in blade
Lockwasher in blade

Bolted it on the mower, put in two hours of yard aerobics, and it worked just fine. Sliced the top off a root that evaded the attention of the previous blade, too.

3 thoughts on “Mower Blade Hub Adapter

  1. Awwww – The use of a good mind, simple ingenuity and a good job completed. Just another way to define – Satisfaction. :-)

    1. Yeah, even if it’s pretty much useless, I get a good feeling from doing stuff like this …

  2. “a few shots with the hammer and it became a good fit”

    Not to nitpick (pick nits?), but it already was a good fit *before* you, err, persuaded it into the hole with the hammer.

    It just was an interference fit (negative play) :-)

    I’m not sure that it was such a useless thing to fill up the hole. But you’re probably also the kind of guy who puts tiles in those parts of the kitchen that are normally out of sight. (it’s a sensitive topic – don’t ask, unless you want to hear me rant about the guy who tiled my kitchen – or rather, half of it….:-) )

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