I Loves Me My Tour Easy

ZNU APRS speed

ZNU APRS speed

My speedometer stored 39.3 mph max somewhere near that point, downhill along nice S curves that end, alas, in that abrupt left turn at the creek. By glancing across the field inside the corner, hoping for the best, and clipping the yellow line, I can emerge at 20+ mph, but some day that’ll have a bad outcome.

I can’t hold that pace on the flats, of course, but the 22 mile ride came out at 15 mph average and, unlike the guy on the Rail Trail about five miles later, I wasn’t trying to find a more comfortable position on the saddle.

News Flash: when you go Rail Trail dueling, don’t match your knobby-tire mountain bike against a faired Tour Easy, even if the TE driver is the canonical Fat Old Guy with a Beard and the bike carries all manner of racks and packs and accoutrements. Heh!

  1. #1 by peter on 2011-08-08 - 08:52

    Don’t humiliate those DF-ers too much. Sometimes I go easy on them, fearing they won’t be able to cope with the humiliation and seek refuge with their friend Jack Daniels when they arrive back home.

    It doesn’t cost me a thing and they get to feel like Merckx for the rest of the day.

    It’s like playing chess with your 8 year old nephew…. sure, you could beat him mercilessly without much effort … but where’s the honour in that? :-)

    (of course, sometimes that nephew needs to be set straight when he starts to think of himself as Kasparov….)

    • #2 by Ed on 2011-08-08 - 09:30

      Don’t humiliate those DF-ers too much.

      My Shop Assistant is in charge of that… [grin]

      • #3 by peter on 2011-08-08 - 11:24


        My mom still regularly tells of the one time she overtook a roadie (in her own words: he was in full dress and on a fancy bike) on her Sparta Ion (electric assist, but it cuts out at 25 km/h). The guy was in his 30s, my mom is nearly mid-60 and far from athletic.

        When she told me about it as it had just happened (especially the look on his face as she rang her bell to announce her presence as she was overtaking him) I swear I saw a mischievous smile on her face.

        As I told her: most roadies only *look* like Lance Armstrong….

        With a mom like that, it’s no wonder I’ve turned out like I have :-)

        • #4 by Ed on 2011-08-08 - 15:43

          most roadies only *look* like Lance Armstrong

          I’m sure there’s somebody who looks like that, tucked away somewhere inside me… [sigh]

  2. #5 by dreamer.redeemer on 2011-08-13 - 18:39

    This week I rode my loaded touring bike 35 miles up the mountain for a family vacation, it was a good time for notable bicycle events. I set a new personal speed record, 52.9 mph (in street clothes!), and for the last 12 miles back kept a 25.5 average moving speed, finishing in under a half hour. Between bikes and 3D printers, you’re my favorite person on the Internet. I haven’t been riding ‘bent, but I do have access to some; my dad was a business partner with Brian Defelice in the early 80’s making long wheelbase recumbents. IIRC, their scaled production of David Gordon Wilson’s design and the establishment of the IHPVA catalyzed the reemergence of recumbents, which had been dormant since being banned by the UCI in 1934.

    • #6 by Ed on 2011-08-13 - 22:11

      a new personal speed record, 52.9 mph

      Coming downhill on a gorgeous swooping curve from a campsite at Harper’s Ferry some years back, I started braking at 47 mph when I realized just exactly how long the smear would be if the front tire blew… so a tip o’ the cycling helmet to you!

      This past weekend we hosted three cyclists finishing a two-month transcontinental ride and another on his first long distance ride eastward. I guided the first group through Poughkeepsie and they ran right over me on the (modest) uphills. We weighed bikes in the garage and discovered I’m pushing the same 60-ish pounds of bike + gear as they are, so I guess being a third my age helps a lot. [sigh]

      Gotta get me one of them newfangled carbon lowracers, yeah, that’s the ticket… but then I’d have to get back down to my fighting weight to justify riding the thing.

      Ride on!

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