Arduino Case

The base of that case makes a good protector to keep an Arduino board out of the conductive clutter on a typical electronics bench. I stopped the printer shortly after it finished the bosses atop the mounting posts:

Arduino case - base on build platform

Arduino case - base on build platform

That yellow filament means I can’t lose it!


  1. #1 by david on 2011-07-08 - 14:35

    I have complete faith in your ability to lose *anything*, no matter how Day-Glo(TM). At least I sure can around here!

    • #2 by Ed on 2011-07-08 - 17:28

      And, having mislaid something, I can look right at it without seeing it…

  2. #3 by Johan on 2011-07-28 - 08:50

    What 3D printer is this print on? Is that a RepRap Mendel build platform in the picture?