ABS Plate Film: Bottom View

I built a quartet of very small knots to see how they’d stick to the ABS film and whether Reversal could cope with tiny things.

Multiple knots on platform
Multiple knots on platform

The left rear knot lost its footings and I removed the rubble while the nozzle was busy with another knot. The top grew surprisingly well out of a tangle deposited in mid-air.

The ABS film peeled neatly off the aluminum plate and shows what the adhesion looks like from below. The tangle is now in the right front.

Bottom view of ABS coating with knots
Bottom view of ABS coating with knots

Reversal at 20 rpm, 75 ms, no early start. Still some blobbing during travel, so the reverse parameter isn’t quite large enough.

My Shop Assistant prettied one up by cleaning off the snots, dunking it in the jar of pink goo, and applying several layers of bronze acrylic paint. Next time, we’ll use thinner goo and scuff the knot a bit before painting.

Painted knot
Painted knot

5 thoughts on “ABS Plate Film: Bottom View

  1. Interesting how the ABS film comes off so cleanly.

    The final product looks like a topological impossible dog… dropping. :)

    1. It seems as though the ABS film has a mechanical grip on the plate, aided by scuffing it with a 220 grit sanding block. Larger objects shrink enough to pop the film off the plate by themselves: there’s a distinct snap as the film breaks free.

      The brass/bronze/gold paint looks better in person, but we all agreed that pink wasn’t the best choice of material…

  2. I _love_ the knots. It might actually inspire me to build my CupCake! But I’m sorry, I can’t stop thinking “fake dog turd” when I see them :-)

    1. The bronze color looks better in person, but we agree it wasn’t an unqualified success. The pink just isn’t suitable at all!

      On the other paw, now we know what not to do, which is not to be sniffed at. *cough*

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