High-Visibility Dremel Chuck Wrench

Having just spent far too long finding this amid the rubble atop the Machine Shop bench, I wrapped some tape around the handle:

  • flare orange to find it on the bench
  • retroreflective to find it under the bench

Now it lives on a hook in the floor joist over the bench, right next to the hook where the tool + flexy shaft hangs most of the time.

High-viz Dremel chuck wrench
High-viz Dremel chuck wrench

8 thoughts on “High-Visibility Dremel Chuck Wrench

    1. Huh.

      Thought I had planted this post for early next year, to fill in a post-holiday gap. Let’s see if I can fiddle the date after the fact…

  1. My extremely bright ex-girlfriend spraypainted all her tools bright pink, because, as she said, that way they’re easy to find and nobody ever steals them.
    I like the retroreflective tape idea.

    1. Ever since the bed bug incident, I’ve had a 9-LED + laser pointer flashlight in my always-in-the-pocket collection. Should’a started doing that decades ago: the thing comes in handy a couple of times every day!

  2. Funny about spray painting tools bright pink :-) My wife did the same to “her” tools with pink nail polish, hoping to “de-masculate” them so I wouldn’t use them. She also changed all the “Craftsman” logos to “Crafts^man” with a “wo” above the “^”…
    – Steve

      1. That reminds me, I should probably take the batteries out of mine… I haven’t used it in ages.


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