Bugged ATX Supply

I intend to use an ATX power supply as a cheap source of bulk +12 V and +5 V power for the resistors on those heatsinks. I have a 250 W box on the shelf (harvested from a dead donor PC) that seemed ideal; they run more efficiently with higher loads and I only need 150-ish W.

Being that type of guy, I opened it up to see what’s inside…

Damaged ATX Supply
Damaged ATX Supply

Huh. Looks like some small creature of the night immolated itself down there in the lower left corner, tucked against the transformer. There’s nothing more than black goo and charred filaments left over, with green-blue corrosion creeping up the resistor lead.

Or maybe it’s actually toxic snot from the manufacturing line. Hard to say at this point.

The power supply tester says the juice comes out fine & dandy, so I might use the thing after trying to get the gunk out.

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