Ending an Antenna Rattle

This Comet HT-224 antenna fits on my Kenwood TH-F6A radio, but the connector fitting is just slightly too long / short / something: it moves just a little bit, even with the nut firmly tightened.

This isn’t a real fix, but it pretty much eliminates the rattle: a rubber O-ring between the nut and the antenna…

Antenna connector and O-ring
Antenna connector and O-ring

The ring lasts for a few years, then cracks and falls off. My O-ring stash has what could possibly be a lifetime supply.

Antenna with O-ring in place
Antenna with O-ring in place

There’s a wrap of tape around the label, just for neatness.

2 thoughts on “Ending an Antenna Rattle

  1. O rings are very useful little bits to have. I really need to find a big assortment to keep on hand. Something like a two pound bag for a couple bucks. Going to the store to get a package of 2 for $1.49 is not the way to build up enough to have an assortment to play with.

    1. My plastic box has an assortment of 18 different “common” sizes. Says so right on the label, so it must be true.

      In the decade or so that it’s been on the shelf, it has never, not once, ever disgorged an O-ring to match the one I was trying to replace. I keep hoping, but it never works.

      I cannot explain this, other than that the box contains only inch-size O-rings… which would explain everything, alas.

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