Slide-out Ads: FAIL!

You know those slide-out ads, the ones that emerge from the lower-right corner of your screen, demanding your attention? The ones that aren’t pop-ups, so pop-up blockers don’t work on them?

Just had this one appear.

Focus Your Attention Online

Focus Your Attention Online

Words fail me.

BTW, if you figure out how to block those mumble things, let me know!

  1. #1 by CircuitGizmo on 2010-09-17 - 07:33

    I’ve never seen one. What site has them?

    • #2 by Ed on 2010-09-17 - 08:43

      The New York Times seems most enamored. You sign in, read an article, and the little tags start sliding out about when you scroll near the bottom of any article.

      They’re not exactly ads. They “suggest” another article that, quite often, has nothing to do with what you’re currently reading.

      My feeling is that, if they’ve done a good job with headlines in the summary pages, then I can figure out what I’d be interested in, all by myself… and if they haven’t done a good job, then a slide-out tickler is simply an admission of defeat.

      • #3 by CircuitGizmo on 2010-09-17 - 09:03

        I’ve never signed in to the Times.

        I use FF and run “NoScript”. This lets you block (I block by default) scripts from sites. For example: I allow, but block the stuff that wants to decorate your site that comes from places like http://www.predictad and http://www.scorecardresearch.

        Assuming that the times page you are on has these “ads” coming from a separate domain, NoScript should stop them.

        • #4 by Ed on 2010-09-17 - 10:06

          stuff that wants to decorate your site

          WordPress says they sometimes run ads, so perhaps they also measure traffic to see which blogs can justify advertising. Haven’t seen any ads on my pages, but … mostly I’m in administrator mode.

          I just installed NoScript and, yup, it kills the slide-outs stone cold dead. But, alas, every previous time I’ve used NoScript, I hadda give it up; whitelisting all the bits & pieces of each site gets just too tedious.

          As Schneier observes, given a choice between security and convenience, we’ll choose convenience…

          • #5 by david on 2010-09-17 - 17:33

            I’ve never seen one, either, and while I normally run IE with all scripting disabled, I don’t see them in Firefox, either, where I just run AdBlockPlus and not NoScript. ABP will probably be as effective for you with fewer side-effects. (But allowing websites to execute arbitrary, untrusted content will never be safe…)

            • #6 by Ed on 2010-09-17 - 18:59

              just run AdBlockPlus

              I have that installed, too, and it works fine. I think the catch is that the script driving the slide-outs refers only to the NYT website, so it doesn’t look like an ad (which it isn’t, really) and ABP lets it slide.

              Some tinkering under the hood seems in order…