Fresh, Clean, New Water Bottles: Not!

Crud in new water bottles
Crud in new water bottles

I bought a pair of stainless-steel water bottles on sale from the usual Amazon sub-supplier at a small fraction of “regular price”: roughly 11 bucks delivered. My ladies use water bottles pretty heavily and these looked like good, durable bottles.

Of course, you wash new water bottles before putting them into service. It’s a darn good thing I got the first look inside; these were filthy!

The caps have nice flexible silicone-rubber “straws” extending down into the bottles. The straw on the left was literally black with a coating of fine, powdery dust. The one on the right was merely gray.

The interior of the bottle with the dirtiest straw was, as you might expect, coated with black dust. The other bottle was comparatively clean, although I suspect the straw collected much of the free-floating dust.

I’m guessing the dust was part of the final polishing for the stainless bottles, although I can’t imagine how it got past final QC. Oh, yeah, they’re made in China, as is everything else these days.

All the parts cleaned up nicely after an attack with the bottle and tubing brushes, then two passes through the dishwasher.

Maybe that’s why they were on sale?

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