Epson R380 Waste Ink: Gadzooks!

The amount of ink dumped into the external waste ink tank is staggering. A single head cleaning results in a stream of ink pouring into the tank. After a few weeks of watching that, I stood the tank on end: to my astonishment, the ink pretty much fills the black endcap.

Waste ink collection
Waste ink collection

In round numbers, the cylinder is 40 mm ID and the cap is 20 mm tall. Volume of a cylinder is πr2h, so you’re looking at 25×103 mm3 of waste ink.

Seeing as how 1 mm3 = 0.001 ml, the tank currently holds about 25 ml of ink!

The printer has six cartridges. Assuming head cleanings drain an equal amount from each cartridge, that’s 4 ml apiece. Given that the large OEM ink cartridges come with 11 ml of ink, you can do the math: a third of a cartridge of each color just for head cleanings so far.

I do not object to head cleanings; that’s how they keep all those teeny little nozzles free of gunk. However, coupling that ink usage with minuscule ink tanks is robbery, plain and simple.

The next time you hear a printer manufacture tout their greenness, you can spit right into their shadow for me.

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