Monthly Aphorism: On Cleaning

  • If you have to move it to clean behind it, don’t move it.

Dad knew that most dirt wasn’t particularly harmful, so he didn’t worry about it. If you had occasion to move something for whatever reason, that was the appropriate time to break out the vacuum cleaner (or shovel) and deal with whatever you find, but there was never a reason to go looking for trouble.

Of course, I feel the same way. Equally of course, this drives my esteemed wife crazy…

8 thoughts on “Monthly Aphorism: On Cleaning

  1. After 10 years I changed my 17″ Sony monitor to a Dell 22″ .. the dust and muck behind it was incredible! I dealt with it! Same issues with the wife at this end.

    BTW, the Sony monitor display is still crisp as it was when new..

    1. the dust and muck behind it was incredible!

      Sometimes I wonder how the machinery keeps working inside all that fuzz; I have been known to administer a prophylactic cleaning when I notice the inlets or outlets clogging up…

      1. “prophylactic cleaning”

        I found after replacing a defective motherboard that one of the northbridge/southbridge chip’s heat sink next to the CPU was clogged with fluff. It probably overheated – That explains why the video would break up into artistic chunks and hang the PC. Too late I already bought the new motherboard.. regular cleaning would have saved me money and hassles.

        1. regular cleaning would have saved me money and hassles


          Sufficient “regular cleaning” is indistinguishable from “hassles”… and you needed a new(er) PC anyway, right?

        2. We received a home PC from somebody at the office complaining that “it dies when my son plays [high performance video game fad of the month]”.

          What initially appeared to be a solid machined block of aluminium was actually a heat sink filled level with the vanes with grey teenager room fuzz. Ick.

          The video card ran a lot cooler after cleaning. I think somebody is getting heat from mom to clean their room a bit more often now.

          1. clean their room a bit more often

            OK, I’ll grant that there’s a time & a place to tell your kids about Dad’s Fundamental Rule of Cleaning. I probably learned it a bit too early…

  2. I read this out loud to my girlfriend and she put her fists on her head, stuck her fingers up, and started making howling devil sounds. After a bit of this she said “my Human Resources personality is lacking when I find weevils under the KitchenAide.”

    1. when I find weevils under the KitchenAide

      Sounds to me like she was looking for trouble under there. As long as the weevils stay under the KitchenAide, there’s no problem, right? [grin]

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