Warming Up on the Flight Line

Flies on parking meter
Flies on parking meter

We stopped in Alfred NY to try out some trikes at The Bicycle Man, went to The Terra Cotta (not that one) for lunch, and parked on a side street. Every parking meter along the street (free on Saturday, fortunately) had an array of house flies parked along the upper edge.

Perhaps this is the best place for flies to warm up before a flight? Was there a recent hatching?

They swarmed off the meters as we passed, then settled back in the same way.


2 thoughts on “Warming Up on the Flight Line

  1. Just one of the many reasons to wash your hands frequently…

    1. Dunno. Flies are rather polite: they wipe their feet no matter where they go…

      (I should’a bought stock in alcohol hand sanitizer companies. Who knew?)

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