Mouse Tunnels Exposed

Mouse tunnels in the grass
Mouse tunnels in the grass

The snows have retreated and it seems the mice have been busy tunneling in the back yard. If we cared more about the lawn, I’m sure I’d be outraged. As it is, the tunnels will be gone after a few mowings and life will move on.

I didn’t spot their grainery, but I’m sure the grass will be greener around the latrine…

Certainly these were different mice than the ones who made far more extensive living quarters out front, but they’re definitely relatives.

2 thoughts on “Mouse Tunnels Exposed

  1. Those look like they’re dug into the ground. That’s interesting to me because around here, the mice and whatever else make their tunnels in the snow slightly above the ground surface, and when the snow melts it runs down the tunnels and fills them with sediment, so as the snow first burns off there are all these lumpy networks of soil and debris sitting on top of the ground.
    I suspect the difference is that our ground is frozen.

    1. dug into the ground

      More than usual, with some short dead-end tunnels dug in higher on the bank.

      They’re mostly cut into what might be called “sod” on a better-maintained lawn, so I suppose the critters like dirt-floor tunnels, rather than completely subterranean warrens.

      They haven’t moved into our house, which is what really matters!

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