Relics of the Empire: Phone Books

Stacks of Phone Books
Stacks of Phone Books

Saw this mountain at Marist College. I wonder how many will go directly to the recycling bin?

I can’t recall the last time I used a phone book; it’s faster and easier to type the name & location into that little search field, whack Enter, and click the obvious hit.

If you look hard enough, somewhere in the first few pages you’ll find the instructions to turn off next year’s phone book. We’ll see how that works out…

6 thoughts on “Relics of the Empire: Phone Books

    1. My esteemed wife had a somewhat similar suggestion… but I thought the pages would be entirely too scratchy.

  1. We still use our phone books. Sometimes it’s actually quicker to flip a couple of pages and find a listing than it is to filter out the crap on a web search.

    1. flip a couple of pages and find a listing

      Sometimes that actually works… but we’d been getting two big fat books, plus some half-assed little book that was supposed to be convenient for in the car. I’ve tried to kill ’em all, so we’ll see whether the poor schlubs flinging them out the window get the message.

      My guess: one toss per mailbox, no checklist required. So we’ll keep getting them no matter what we do.

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    1. It turns out that WordPress frowns on advertising; they’re providing this blog service without charge, so it’s reasonable that they don’t want other folks raking in any money on their efforts.

      So, unfortunately, it looks like this isn’t a good venue for you…

      Thanks for the good words, though; I’m glad you like what I’m writing about!

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