X10 PHC02 Maxi Controller: Green LED

PHC02 Circuit Board
PHC02 Circuit Board

Got the replacement X10 controller from the usual eBay source and it works fine, except it has a red LED that’s on unless it’s sending an X10 command.

That’d be OK, except that I’ve spent the last few months associating a red LED at that spot on the dresser with a jammed X10 controller.

Not to mention that red LEDs are sooo 20th Century…

Four screws hold the baseplate in place; it takes a bit of prying to release the stiffening collars around the front screws and remove the baseplate. One more screw holds the circuit board in place.

Surprisingly, they used the same metal-dome switch plates!

Anyhow, with the board out, it’s easy to unsolder the red LED and replace it with a green one from my bag o’ mixed LEDs. It’s not quite the same shape and doesn’t have a big shoulder to keep it in place, but it’s good enough for me.

New green LED
New green LED

The heat of soldering melted the thermoplastic glue that held the original LED in place. The new one isn’t quite as firmly bonded, but I don’t intend to jam a paperclip into the hole after shoving the LED out of the way.

That was easy…

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