Tree Frogs!

Tree Frog - View Through Tent
Tree Frog - View Through Tent

We bicycled along the Pine Creek Gorge rail-trail in north-central Pennsylvania on a Rails-to-Trails Conservancy group ride, camping at schools and campgrounds along the trail. Quick summary: for four days we rode in the sun and slept in the rain.

Tree Frog - Natural Light
Tree Frog - Natural Light

As we set up camp at Pettecote Junction, the wet ground was hopping with tiny tree frogs. It was impossible to avoid stepping on the critters. When we got the tent set up, they swarmed up the sides between the tent and the rain fly; perhaps they had an imperative to get above the flood?

The lines in the tent fabric are about 3.7 mm apart, so the frogs are perhaps 10 mm from snout to butt. That size rules out everything in our RTP Eastern Reptiles & Amphibians book except the Little Grass Frog, which used to live only south of Virginia. The spot pattern doesn’t match, either, although they’re said to be highly variable. Who knows what’s going on in these degenerate days?

cimg3787 - Tree Frog - Flash
Tree Frog - Flash Illumination

They didn’t like the mesh vent screens, favored the rougher tent fabric over the smoother seam binding, and didn’t seem to mind falling off the tent.

Things are different when you’re small.

Tomorrow: the video

4 thoughts on “Tree Frogs!

  1. What kind of tree frog is this? I would like to know because my friends and I are taking care of one and we need to know what to do with it… The one we found looks exactly like this.

    1. Haven’t a clue! I checked a few other references, but RTP had the best pictures … and none of them matched.

      I suppose they eat insects, pretty much like all other frogs, but anything I could offer would be way too big. Good luck keeping the critter alive!

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