Linux Install Tweaks: Firefox

I wish there was a way to bulk-install a list of add-ons, rather than futzing around installing them one-by-one. On the other hand, this way you’re sure to get the latest-and-greatest, while not attempting to install anything that’s obsolete.

Copy passwords & suchlike from your previous installation into ~/.mozilla/firefox/whatever

  • key3.db
  • signon3.txt

Install add-ons:

  • Adblock Plus
  • GreaseMonkey — then get GoogleMonkeyR for two-up search results
  • Google Gears — for wordpress blogging
  • Image Zoom
  • Tab Focus — 250 ms delay
  • Print Context Menu
  • FireGestures
  • Linkification
  • PDF Download
  • Brief

Install themes

  • Microfox
  • Littlefox
  • Classic Compact

I like Microfox: it doesn’t waste vertical space on foo-foos.

Kill off Flash cookies and disable all the sharing and enabling and local storage: does anyone really want Flash apps to use the microphone & camera by default? This technique is not obvious and you must do it for every user and every browser on each system.

The Adobe Knowledgebase article is here:

The actual Flash control panel is here:

You should also search on the obvious keywords for more info.

Exit Firefox, fire it up again, do the obvious tweakage, and you’re set!