Blog Summary: 2022

A blog about GRBL configuration and water heat anode rod wrenches, perhaps with a few pictures, would have killer SEO:

Home page / Archives21053
CNC 3018-Pro: GRBL Configuration5341
Why You Need a 6-Point Socket to Remove a Water Heater Anode Rod5197
G-Code and M-Code Grand Master List3250
Toyota Sienna: ABS Trouble Codes2385
American Standard Elite Kitchen Faucet Disassembly2297
Homage Tektronix Circuit Computer1898
Subaru Forester Fuse Boxes1607
Bed Bugs: Thermal Kill1581
Broom Handle Screw Thread: Replacement Plug1512
Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball: Scroll Ring Troubles943
Whirlpool Water Heater “Lifetime” Warranty: The Good and the Bad922
Digital Tattoo Power Supply: Polarity Doesn’t Matter868
Auto-V.I.N Gauge Scam829
Review Phreesia Authorization827
Baofeng UV-5R Squelch Settings806
Raspberry Pi: Forcing VNC Display Resolution777
Kenmore 158.17032 Handwheel Clutch Disassembly758
2000 Toyota Sienna: Replacing the Bank 1 Sensor 2 Oxygen Sensor751
Bafang USB Programming Adapter747
Removing a Water Heater Anode Rod724
CNC 3018-Pro: DRV8825 Hack for 1:8 Microstep Mode710
Low Budget Bench Power Supply691
Kensington Expert Mouse Scroll Ring Fix648
Juki JC-001 Foot Control: Resolving Uncommanded Thread Cutting646
Browning Hi-Power Magazine Dimensions633
Displaying Variables in Gnuplot622
Replacing Phil Wood Hub Bearings619
Makerbot-style Endstop Power Adapter for Protoneer Arduino CNC Shield593
Schwab / Symantec VIP Access vs. Yubikey581
Shimano SPD Pedals: Creaking Resolved573
Raspberry Pi Interrupts vs. Rotary Encoder566
Kohl’s Guest WiFi Terms & Conditions: The Short Version558
GRBL Error 33: Arc Coordinates vs. Decimal Places516
Abusing a Leather Punch for Manhattan-Style Circuit Construction515
OMTech 60 W Laser: Adjustable Honeycomb Stops511
LTSpice Diode Models Sorted By Forward Voltage511
Why You Shouldn’t Use Heat Pumps in the Northeast US509
HP-48GX Calculator Disassembly: Case Rivets508
Homage Tektronix Circuit Computer: Laser-Engraved Hairline Tests504
Homebrew Magnetizer-Demagnetizer488
Quick-and-easy IR-passing / Visible-blocking Optical Filter475
Old Kenmore Sewing Machine Foot Control Repair467
Reversible Belt Buckle: Post Restaking464
Toyota Sienna: Rear ABS / Speed Sensor Failure461
Mini-Lathe Tailstock: Alignment455
Philips Sonicare Essence 5000: Battery Replacement445
Mysterious Noise in Toyota Sienna Minivan: Fixed!440
Demolition Card GTA 5-10-9434
Icecast and Ezstream Configuration424
OMTech 60 W Laser: Controlling the Air Assist Pump418
Multimeter Range Switch Contacts: Whoops!417
Chili Powder Beetles410
Mini-Lathe Metric Threading: 21 Tooth Gear407
Water Bottle Spring Cap Repair404
Baofeng UV-5: Squelch Tail Elimination399

So much for all the techie stuff.

Overall readership continues to decline, which would matter a whole lot more were I drumming up business engagement:

Page Views - monthly 2008-2022
Page Views – monthly 2008-2022

My shop notes occasionally come in handy for other folks, so it’s not a dead loss …

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