Several home projects of steadily increasing priority will interfere with writing up Basement Laboratory projects through early November:

Mary - R foot - complete
Mary – R foot – complete

Ground truths:

  • No barnacles on her foot
  • No sea creature eating her leg

I’ll be posting infrequently during the next few weeks.

All remains right with our world …

4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I hate when that happens (chores, barnacles, and flesh-eating sea creatures, in no particular order of priority). Just think happy thoughts (like the fact that here is some poor schmuck out here who is trying to hacksaw through a 2″ x 4″ cross section of Aluminum…at least it is Aluminum and not SS).

  2. Also, when you get back I wanna hear more about that scanner — is it dimensionally accurate, never mind the barnacles? I have some funny-shaped compartments on the boat I need to have tanks manufactured to fit and boy would that be nicer than a week of crawling around with a tape measure and a CAD program.

    1. From what I know now, it’d probably do what you want, although maneuvering it inside a confined space would be exceedingly difficult. My arm & wrist gimbal-locked repeatedly around her foot, even in (relatively) open space.

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