NP-BX1 Lithium Batteries: DOT-01

A quartet of DOT01 NP-BX1 batteries arrived:

Dot01 NP-BX1 - new 2019-02
Dot01 NP-BX1 – new 2019-02

The dotted lines show the results from late 2015 for a pair of then-new Wasabi NP-BX1 batteries, so the DOT-01 batteries look about the same. The F battery barely lasted to the halfway point of our most recent bike ride and the G battery now resides in the blinky-and-glowy pile.

I’d be unsurprised to discover all the myraid “different” NP-BX1 batteries all come from the same factory. Unlike the Wasabi batteries, these lack date codes, which seems like an extra-cost option you don’t get on the low end.