So(l)der Wick Variations

In the process of sorting out the Small Box o’ Soldering Tools, this well-used treasure emerged:

Soder-Wick - Original - Size 2
Soder-Wick – Original – Size 2

Yeah, the Genuine Article. Note the spelling and hyphenation: “Soder-Wick” is a both Registered Trademark® and patented.

Of course, the patent having long expired, there exist knockoffs with slightly different spelling:

Solder Wick - Knockoff - Size 2mm
Solder Wick – Knockoff – Size 2mm

And labeling:

Solder Wick - Knockoff - Size Good
Solder Wick – Knockoff – Size Good

“Size Good”. I like that. “Made in Taiwan”, though, suggests it’s been in my collection for quite a while.

Despite the fact they’re all supposed to be coated with flux, I generally run a flux pen over whatever length I’m using, because it’s the only way to be sure.

3 thoughts on “So(l)der Wick Variations

  1. Flux pen? Any particular make/model you prefer?

    For what it’s worth, Solder Removal Co. was owned by Jesse Hood, a local character… He was real active in the Lions Club. He passed away around 2002, killed by his smoking. He used to show up at the local ham clubs and he’d always toss a few packages of his products – from 1/8 wide to 1/2 inch wide – on the raffle table. He ran the company for about 25 years before selling it in the late 80s/early 90s. His business building is now occupied by a catering service.

    1. I bought a Genuine Kester 186 RMA flux pen maybe a year before its “20 AUG 98” expiration date and have been using it ever since. The current version surely isn’t the same, but, then, neither am I. [grin]

      And: half-inch Soder-Wick? I’d be firing up the torch!

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