Brother BAS-311 Control Head Salvage

A control head from an ancient Brother BAS-311 sewing machine emerged from a recent Squidwrench clearing-out session:

Brother BAS-311 Control Head

Brother BAS-311 Control Head

The sturdy metal enclosure ought to be good for something, I thought, so I rescued it from the trash.

One of the ten button-head screws galled in place and resisted a few days of penetrating oil, so I drilled it out:

Drilled-out button screw head

Drilled-out button screw head

The PCB has no ICs! It simply routes all the LED and button pins through the pillar into the sewing machine controller:

Brother BAS-311 Control Head - interior

Brother BAS-311 Control Head – interior

The ribbon cable alternates the usual flat strip with sections of split conductors:

Segmented ribbon cable

Segmented ribbon cable

The split segments let it roll up into the pillar, with enough flexibility to allow rotating the head. I’ve seen segmented twisted-pair ribbon cable, but never just flat conductors.

Maybe the control head can become Art in its next life?

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