X10 Transceiver Case Plastic: End Of Life, Redux

Another X10 RF transciever, this one made for IBM (!) a long time ago, emerged from the heap with its case falling apart: the plastic bosses that should anchor the screws had broken off, then cracked radially. Given that I was probably going to toss it anyway, for reasons that will soon be obvious, I tried repairing the bosses just for practice.

Stuffing the boss fragments into close-fitting brass tubes, with a dash of IPS #3 on the broken faces, put them back together reasonably well:

HD501 X10 Transceiver - plastic boss gluing
HD501 X10 Transceiver – plastic boss gluing

More IPS #3 and a pair of clamps stuck the bosses back on the case:

HD501 X10 Transceiver - plastic boss assembly
HD501 X10 Transceiver – plastic boss assembly

Note the dark smudge on the inside of the case. Even though nothing on the PCB looked particularly overheated, Soot Is Sign of Bad Electrical Health.

And it turned out neither the bonds nor the plastic were up to the task. A day after successfully reassembling the transceiver, the bosses failed along new cracks and crumbled into different fragments.

I applied a Kapton tape belly band around the case halves, verified that the transceiver no longer produced reliable X10 commands, and executed ++recycle_pile.

So it goes.