USB Gooseneck Extension Innards

The bandsaw needs more light on the blade, but a fixed lamp will certainly get in the way of something. Pondering the solution space of available parts suggests a COB LED on a flexible gooseneck, which led to some 30 cm USB extenders, then smashing one of the connectors to reveal the wiring inside:

USB Gooseneck Extender - disassembled
USB Gooseneck Extender – disassembled

It was (probably) assembled by soldering the USB terminals to the wires, mounting it in a fixture, then injection-molding the shell around everything. The injected plastic fills the end of the gooseneck and immobilizes the wires.

I’d like slightly longer wire ends, although they’re workable if I don’t make any further mistakes. Perhaps I can heatsink the gooseneck, slit 10 mm of the metal sheath with an abrasive wheel, and peel off the pieces without damaging the wires. It could happen!

Speaking of mistakes, wiring an ordinary USB connector with +12 VDC for an LED seems fraught with peril…

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