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Blog Page Views: 2016
Blog Page Views: 2016

That works out to a bit under 1000 page views/day of purely organic traffic.

As always, way more people than I’d expect come here with plumbing problems. On the upside, much of the bedbug saga has fallen off the trailing edge of the wedge; life is good!

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  1. plumbing problems

    One thing that could mitigate the dripping water heater problem is a moisture sensitive leak alarm. 9V battery power (should last a year), the contacts are set 1/32″ above the feet, so a small puddle will cause it to shriek. I tested mine with a moist finger. Cost is about $15, either on line or at Home Depot. I’ve got ours in the new overflow pan for the new heater. After the kitchen fiasco, I wasn’t going to trust our 16 year old heater any more. (The new one has a larger anode, according to the specs. Still not very accessible.)

    Happy New Year!

    1. I’ve also seen a pair of copper plates separated by an aspirin tablet (remember asprin?), clamped in a clothespin, placed on the floor near the water heater: add water leak, dissolve tablet, get electrolyte, plates contact / carry current, switch goes on, BWEEE!

      I just look at the heater every time I go by. So far, that’s been sufficient deterrence…

      1. My heater installation is a pain; panel over a cubbyhole tucked into a bedroom closet. I replaced the 4 deck screws holding the panel with a floor cleat and a couple of wing nuts, but the periodic inspection will be closer to annual than anything. I like the sensitivity of this beastie.

        1. Erk! I’d manage to never look in there again, although maybe a check-the-battery calendar reminder would help. Batteries & corrosion: a match made in heaven!

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