Road Conditions: Rt 376 SB Near Maloney Rd

NYSDOT seems oddly reluctant to perform routine brush clearing along Rt 376 from Red Oaks Mill to the Hamlet of New Hackensack, despite the obvious hazard presented by the bushes:

Rt 376 SB shoulder overgrowth - 2016-09
Rt 376 SB shoulder overgrowth – 2016-09

I’ve reported this situation several times over the years, but, as you’ve seen in other situations, that has no effect.

If it were a pleasant back-country lane, rather than our main route to the Dutchess Rail Trail, perhaps having the greenery take over the shoulder wouldn’t matter quite so much:

Rt 376 SB - semitrailer
Rt 376 SB – semitrailer

Turns out the shoulder just north of Maloney has developed lethal cracks as the pavement subsides into the adjoining section of the Mighty Wappinger Creek. A bit more clearance would still be nice.

3 thoughts on “Road Conditions: Rt 376 SB Near Maloney Rd

  1. Reading your blog, it seems that “Mighty” is part of the name of Wappinger Creek. The creek by my house isn’t mighty at all, in fact it is just a damp rut in dry weather. Maybe I should come visit the Mighty Wappinger Creek sometime.

    1. I use “Mighty” ironically: we could hike along the stream bed (*). The water level dropped by maybe three feet after the Red Oaks Mill dam disintegrated, leaving miles of vertical banks along both sides and sandbars across the channel.

      (*) One word: Leeches. I’m not hiking there without wading boots, no matter what Mary says…

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