Recommended Stubby Multi-Driver

This recently acquired Klein 32561 Stubby Multi Driver is definitely better than the others in my collection:

Klein Stubby Multi Driver
Klein Stubby Multi Driver

The steel shaft has a 1/4 inch hex socket on one end, a 5/16 hex socket on the other, the two hex bits handle the usual screws, and it’s smaller than it looks.

You must figure out what to do with the loose driver bit while using a socket.

No ratchet, but you won’t miss it.

Available from the usual online sources for about ten bucks; accept no substitutes…

5 thoughts on “Recommended Stubby Multi-Driver

  1. DeWalt has a 1/4″ bit-kit in a plastic container that might go well with the Klein driver. It comes with an assortment of driver bits, including #s 1, 2, and 3 Phillips, and 3 sizes of square (spit) drive bits. My kit didn’t have any Torx/Hex bits, but a few have crept in. Should be at Home Depot.

    1. The tool chest has a small drawer stuffed full with random bits that desperately need organizing; I spend far too much time in search of the weird-but-suddenly-essential bit seen only a short while ago. [mutter]

  2. I love my klein screwdrivers more than is probably strictly healthy. Damned good stuff.

    1. The tips feel like actual alloy steel, rather than the gray butter-like substance used in some Harbor Freight junk I got as a freebie with something else.

      Eks keeps after me to stock up on Wiha precision drivers; he’s right, of course.

      1. I have a set of the Klein full size square drive screwdrivers, they’re quality stuff. I was looking for a Torx T-3 a while back and saw a good price on a set of drivers that included it from Sears. When it showed up, it was genuine Wiha. I use them all the time, they’re really nice.

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