Recommended Screwdriver Set: Brownells Magna-Tip Super Set

More on the Kenmore 158.17032 that started all this appears elsewhere, but I found myself deploying several bits from my Brownells Magna-Tip screwdriver set:

Brownells Magna-Tip Super-Set on bench
Brownells Magna-Tip Super-Set on bench

The matrix of bits covers nine slot lengths (= screw head diameters) with four / five / six slot widths. This is the set with 44 bits; the 58 bit set fills the empty holes with 14 hex / square / Phillips bits that I already have in multiples.

I reserve these lovely hollow-ground bits for specialty screws that must not be goobered; most of the time ordinary drivers work just fine and there’s no reason to chew these up.

Even these tips won’t fit every screw in existence, but you’ll go a long way before this set isn’t the right hammer for the job at hand.

Highly recommended, even at today’s prices …