Road Conditions: Maloney Road from Rt 376

We take the Wappingers section of Maloney Road from Rt 376 to the Dutchess Rail Trail; it’s our main connection to the DCRT for southbound rides.

Here’s a look at 1500 feet of Maloney, starting just uphill from the entrance to the strip mall (click on any image to embiggen and browse the gallery):

Many of those longitudinal cracks go down through multiple patch layers and through the original pavement. Rolling your wheel through them would produce an instant upset.

Most drivers give us as much room as they can, but we’ve had some very near misses. Some drivers object loudly to our presence in the middle of the lane, probably because we’re pedaling slowly up the hill, although there’s really no safe path along the right side of the roadway.

The downhill side seems slightly better, but not by very much.

5 thoughts on “Road Conditions: Maloney Road from Rt 376

  1. “we’re pedaling slowly up the hill”

    So you and Mary are not like Tour de France leader Chris Froome on the climb to La Pierre Saint Martin, July 14th — his team released the following performance data: “It’s about a 15.3 km climb,” said Kerrison. “Around 41.30 [in duration]. Chris’s average for the whole climb was 414w, and a VAM of 1602 Vm/h.”

    According to the back of my envelope, that is about 87 feet/min of vertical gain — like climbing an 8+ story building every minute, 41 times in a row.

    And his average speed up this wall was nearly 14 mph.


    But then Froome doesn’t have panniers full of produce, nor a trailer with groceries. So I think you and Mary get a pass :-)

    1. We chug up Maloney at 5 to 6 mph. I could do it a bit faster on my own, but, hey, we’re riding together and we’re not in any hurry.

      I know they’ve cleaned up (most of the) TdF doping, but those riders (seem to) operate well beyond mere human limits…

    1. The world is not yet ready for that sight…

      With crowds of onlookers cheering us on, surely we could go faster: more cowbell!

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