Monthly Science: Snowcover vs. Well Pit Temperature

The well pit definitely got cold during those nights when the air temperature dropped well below zero:

Well Pit - 2015-02-25
Well Pit – 2015-02-25

Match that against the attic air temperature:

Attic - Insulated Box - Maxell battery low - 2015-02-25
Attic – Insulated Box – Maxell battery low – 2015-02-25

The well pit has two vent holes made from old-school fluted steel downspout pipe embedded vertically in a half-foot concrete slab. They’re maybe five feet apart and the southwest hole seems to be the air inlet:

Well Pit - SW vent
Well Pit – SW vent

The northeast hole must be the outlet for all that ground-warmed air:

Well Pit - NE vent
Well Pit – NE vent

The logger hangs from the string entering from the center left, with a ring hung over an abandoned hose bib rising straight out of the concrete.

Surely it’s been that cold before without freezing the pipes, so I won’t worry too much…

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