Scratching Their Itch

Although the Big Search Sites no longer provide the keywords that select my posts (because they sell that data to their advertisers), a few snippets leak in from smaller operations.

People evidently have this problem a lot:

  • if you take brewers yeast will bed bugs bite you
  • bed bug teflon tape
  • hot box bed bug
  • co2 bed bug trap
  • bed bugs in chairs
  • does denatured alcohol kill bed bugs
  • does frog tape wcatch bedbugs
  • carpet tape bed bugs
  • how to use yeast on bedbugs
  • can you trap bed bugs with hand warmer and dry ice

But it’s not all bed bugs:

  • information on chili powder beetles
  • what bugs like chilli powder
  • get rid of chili powder beetles
  • why does arizona smell like chili powder at night

Make you itchy just thinking about it, eh?