That’s Gotta Leave A Mark

An unused parking behind Yet Another Abandoned Commercial Building, out on Tucker Drive in Arlington, features this tableau:

Crunched tank truck - overview
Crunched tank truck – overview

A closer look:

Crunched tank truck - detail
Crunched tank truck – detail

Something snagged the tank while the truck backed up and ripped that seam open, while completely missing the side marker light in the lower right that sticks out beyond the edge of the tank.

The outer shell conceals maybe four inches of fibrous insulation around the inner tank, so it’s not like they were leaking toxic juice all over the scenery. In fact, the lettering on the rear of the tank says it once belonged to a water trucking company with an area code of 717, used for phones around the spot where I grew up in Pennsylvania. The trailer has no license plate, so it’s not going anywhere…

2 thoughts on “That’s Gotta Leave A Mark

  1. Something snagged the tank while the truck backed up and ripped that seam open …

    How is it possible to distinguish damage done while the truck backed up versus damage done by some other vehicle while the tank trailer was stationary? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. I figured that tankers snuggle up to plumbing, so most likely it backed into an obstruction, but, yeah, it’s all relative.

      “That tree jumped in front of my car, really it did!”

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