Poughkeepsie Mini Maker Faire: 3D Printing Status Report

The Poughkeepsie paper had a short writeup on last Saturday’s Mini Maker Faire, featuring exactly one picture (it’s their Copyrighted Work, so I can’t show it here): my hotrodded M2 with a platform of Tux penguins from the chocolate mold project.

I passed out samples:

Tux Gradient 4x4 - milk chocolate detail

Tux Gradient 4×4 – milk chocolate detail

Of course, I told the kids that Santa was on their side for getting a 3D printer under the tree…

Rumors from usually reliable sources indicate the two other 3D printers at the Faire had, shall we say, reliability issues and generally weren’t running. The M2 ran continuously from 10 am through 4 pm, cranking out eight Tuxes at a time, with no trouble at all; perhaps that’s why it got its picture in the paper.

By and large: It. Just. Works.

I did a presentation on (my opinion of) the current state of Personal 3D Printing, using jimc’s impeccable projects to show how enough skill can cure the usual striated sidewalls, plus other examples and advice from MakerGear forum members.

A good time was had by all!

My voice may return by early next week…