Forester Wheel Cover Decorations

Inspired by our Larval Engineer’s threat promise to decorate the Sienna, I just had to do this to the Forester:

Forester wheel cover decoration
Forester wheel cover decoration

They’re intended to fit around the keyhole under a car door handle, but cars don’t look like that these days; they were a surplus deal from long, long ago.

The reflectors stand out nicely in subdued light:

Forester wheel cover decoration - flash
Forester wheel cover decoration – flash

The hub covers have an embossed Subaru logo and the reflector has thin foam tape, so it’ll be interesting to see how long they last. Worst case: 3D printed replacement hub covers with integral reflectors.

2 thoughts on “Forester Wheel Cover Decorations

    1. Would that I could: optical quality 3D printing!

      I can print a simple cap with a ring recess that those reflectors would drop into and a flat bottom to match the foam tape. It could even sport little clippy projections to latch onto the aluminum alloy wheel. But I won’t, unless the reflector ring vanishes into the weeds and takes the OEM cap along with it.

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