Canon NB-5L Battery Status

One of the junker NB-5L eBay batteries for my Canon SX-230HS pocket camera gave up, but the other two have some usable capacity left. The OEM Canon battery seems to be doing fine, perhaps because it sees a relatively low duty cycle:

Canon NB-5L - 2013-11
Canon NB-5L – 2013-11

Compare those curves with the previous tests:

Canon NB-5L - 2011-08-26
Canon NB-5L – 2011-08-26

I harvested the weakest of the four junkers to make that dummy battery.

It’s about time to pick up a few more junkers: alas, I can find no bare cells in a size to fit that case.

2 thoughts on “Canon NB-5L Battery Status

  1. Do you have a source you like generally for LiIon cells? My venerable Thinkpad batteries are no longer available from the OEM, the generic batteries are complete pieces of shit that don’t even sort of work, and it uses an oddball mixture of 18650s plus some 50x35x10mm prismatic cells I’ve never been able to find anywhere…

    1. a source you like generally for LiIon cells?

      For my simple needs, suffices. They don’t have a wide wide wide selection of everything, but the cells work and that makes up for nearly everything else.

      ‘Nuff said about generic crap from eBay…

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