Captchas Gone Wild

This is probably a browser compatibility issue:

Captcha 1

Captcha 1

Let’s refresh the page to see if a better combination comes up:

Captcha 2

Captcha 2

I took that to mean I’m not sufficiently human to post a comment…

  1. #1 by Frans on 2013-04-25 - 07:08

    Even with regular captchas I often feel that a computer with a giant statistical backbone would probably do better than me in just about all cases except perhaps my own handwriting.

    • #2 by madbodger on 2013-04-25 - 09:05

      Actually the bad guys found an even more efficient approach: they re-serve the capcha to their own site, with something like “download this free saucy image by completing this capcha”, thereby harnessing the incredible capcha solving bandwidth of an army of bored teenage boys.

      • #3 by Ed on 2013-04-25 - 11:08

        the incredible capcha solving bandwidth of an army of bored teenage boys

        I am definitely out of that class… [sigh]

      • #4 by Frans on 2013-04-25 - 14:28

        Bored and not very tech savvy? I’ll bet collections containing several gigabytes worth of so-called saucy images can be found on any torrent search engine in seconds.

      • #5 by Frans on 2013-04-25 - 15:10

        I just realized there’s an interesting connection to the post title in this line of thought.

        • #6 by Ed on 2013-04-25 - 15:28


  2. #7 by david on 2013-04-25 - 14:24

    Don’t you just hate it when you fail the Turing test?

    • #8 by Ed on 2013-04-25 - 15:28

      The worst part is failing repeatedly