Unusual Brick Corner

An old mill building built along a New Hampshire river had a pair of walls meeting at an acute angle:

Acute-angle brick corner
Acute-angle brick corner

Architects know that bricks, being the prototypical rectangular solid, generally don’t work well in such situations, but I suppose sometimes you just do what must be done and call it decorative:

Acute-angle brick corner - detail
Acute-angle brick corner – detail

That steel post certainly took a direct hit at some point in its career, though…

6 thoughts on “Unusual Brick Corner

    1. Now that would be fun to watch! [grin]

      I suppose you could build a structure that’s all corners in your pasture, something like a star, and they’d love you for it…

    1. Nowadays, with all the fancy diamond saws, you could cut the bricks to put a clean knife edge on the corner. Back in the day, even a master stonecutter might leave a lot of brick fragments lying around the bottom of a three-story wall!

  1. I am sorry I do not know how ‘obtuse’ became ‘house’.

    1. how ‘obtuse’ became ‘house’.

      It started as “ouse”, which I corrected to “house”, as it looked like a typo and that was the closest match.

      But now it’s what you intended; sorry ’bout that.

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