Blog Summary: 2011

For the last year, it seems:

  • This is the go-to place for butterfly pictures
  • There’s an obvious need for Arduino PWM and SPI information
  • Houses are trouble
Blog Summary - 2011 YTD
Blog Summary - 2011 YTD

Despite having no publicity, the site gets about 850 views per day: half from search engines, a third from RSS, and the rest from folks rattling around inside. Not much by commercial standards, but I’m pleased you’re interested enough to stop by…

6 thoughts on “Blog Summary: 2011

    1. Most of this stuff appears here for the next time I need it: saves me quite a bit of puzzling on the second attempt!

      Thanks for the good words…

  1. Happy new year to you and your shop assistant! Many more hits in 2012.

    I don’t check everyday but maybe once every two days on average is a guess.

  2. RSS subscriber here. There’s always something interesting to read whether it’s the latest home repair or a meticulous study of some motor or gadget, thanks for sharing. A happy and blessed new year to you and yours.

    1. always something interesting to read

      And it’s interesting to do, which is what keeps me going.

      Posting this stuff also shows how many other folks have the same problems; if they have less aggravation on the way to a solution, we’re all the better for it.


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