High Security Access Panel

I was really, really tempted to pocket a key, just in case it might come in handy elsewhere… but I’d have to stand on the toilet and that’s just gross.

Locked access panel - with keys
Locked access panel - with keys

Back in the day, I was third-chair lockpick in my college dorm and those piddly little locks weren’t all that difficult even then.

5 thoughts on “High Security Access Panel

  1. “but I’d have to stand on the toilet and that’s just gross” .. and oops slipped..

    Imagine explaining to the emergency team about how your foot got stuck in the bowl!

  2. Picking locks is just sooooo 20th century…. all the cool kids use bump keys nowadays. Instant gratification, no 1337 h@cking skillz required. :-)

    And there I was, silly me, grinding my own lockpicks and spending countless hours learning to pick various locks. I feel stupid now. But yes, those simple disk tumbler locks are about as quick to open with a pick than with the real key….

    1. all the cool kids use bump keys

      I stopped believing in locks when battery-powered drills became commonly available: stop at Sears / Lowes / Home Depot, pick up a drill and some carbide bits, and defeat any common household lock. Of course, it’d make a mess and a bit of noise, but that’s never stopped anybody.

      Now: no mess, no noise, no problem… [sigh]

  3. I rarely pocket keys, but I have been known to just read the cut codes off ’em when they’re so marked. Though if you do it enough, you can learn to just eyeball the cuts, even if they aren’t marked. “Kwikpick* 1-3-4-2-2” is all you need, really.

    * I’ve called Kwikset this for years.

    I worked on several government projects where lots of the equipment was issued with locks (I even saw lockable oscilloscopes for some unfathomable reason). But most lab people can’t be bothered, and just left the keys in the locks.

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