Architectural Forethought: Lack Thereof

Plumbing trim plate vs tiled wall
Plumbing trim plate vs tiled wall

This from a restroom near the new high school auditorium, rebuilt at vast expense over the course of several years. You’d think for all the big bucks, somebody would remember that trim plates require a flat surface.

It’s not like I’ve never forgotten a detail in any of my designs. In this case, though, several different people surely noticed this situation and none of them were sufficiently empowered to fix the problem.

I’ve got a ten cent bet with myself that this will never get repaired. I’ll likely never know, though, as my Shop Assistant graduates this year.

2 thoughts on “Architectural Forethought: Lack Thereof

  1. Think that is bad, the builder of our home decided to do that with window wells for the basement. Where the brick sticks out over the foundation concrete wall. This made a nice triangle with almost an inch at the top and over 8 inches of length. This resulted in a flooded basement when water built up and flowed through these openings. I’ve since filled with sealer and foam.

    1. You’d think something like that would be obvious. Maybe it was and they just ignored it, because by the time the trouble starts they’re long gone… and adding a bit of flashing or just some foaming goo would have only delayed their exit.

      Bad builder. No biscuit!

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