Sears Kenmore HE3 Washer Teardown: Toe Panel

It turns out you can get access to the extractor pump from the front of the washer, without having to take the back off and reach all the way through. If any of the problems we’ve ever had with the washer could have been fixed just by reaching into the pump, that’d be nice to know.

Remove three Torx T-20 screws at the very bottom of the lower front panel, known as the Toe Panel, and it drops right out.

If you have something jammed in the pump, you can put a tray underneath, unscrew the obvious plug, and bloosh water all over the place. I don’t know how you’d know you had something in jammed in the pump, but that’s how you get to it.

Pump access from Toe Panel
Pump access from Toe Panel

In our case, the junk was spread all through the washer