Best. Recumbent. Bicycle. Advertisement. EVER.

Best Recumbent Bicycle Ad EVER
Bicycling Magazine, August 2009, page 35

Let’s quote that text so you can read it (or click the picture for a bigger one):

Yeah… we’re talking down there. With lots of supporting data that says prolonged riding while your boys are numb is a no-no, we decided to build a saddle you can fine-tune to fit… you.

Speaking of prolonged riding, the current hour records:

  • Upright bike: 30.882 miles
  • Recumbent: 56.2948 miles

Sam Whittingham (who also holds that recumbent hour record) recently set the new human-powered land speed record at Battle Mountain: 82.43 miles per hour. Yup, pedaling a bicycle, on level ground, in minimal wind.

Admittedly, he was riding a recumbent that bears as much relation to the Tour Easy I ride as a Formula One car bears to yours. On the other paw, those Tour de France bikes aren’t exactly factory stock, either.

If you want to go as fast as you can on a bike, you want a recumbent. Unless, of course, you’re doing UCI races, in which case you may go as fast as they’ll allow you and wreck your body in the process.

When you get back from a ride on a recumbent bike, no matter how long you rode the bike, not only do all your parts still work, but nothing hurts. What’s not to like?

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  1. Some people sleep on nails, some walk on hot coals, and other ride diamond-fram bikes.

    1. Hey, don’t come whining to me when you get blossom end rot in your shorts…

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