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Wine, the Windows emulator for Linux, has gotten to the point where it works pretty well for most non-USB-gadget-related Windows programs that I’m still forced to use. For whatever reason, the out-of-the-box Wine system UI fonts are eye-burning tiny.

Perhaps they’re well suited for 640×480 monitors?

Anyhow, fire up the Wine configuration editor (which may be a menu entry or just type winecfg at a command prompt), go to the Desktop Integration tab, look in the Appearance section, and scroll down through the various Item entries. Some entries enable the adjacent Font button, a click of which will allow you to whack ’em into sensibility.

All the fonts defaulted (for my installation, anyway) to 6 point Andale Mono. Not sensible.

Don’t follow the well-meaning advice you’ll find elsewhere to tweak the Screeen Resolution setting from whatever the default is. That forces Wine to interpolate from Windows dots to X dots and the outcome is not pretty.

6 thoughts on “Wine Menu Font & Size

  1. Thanks man! I really appreciated your tip. I’ve seen everywhere this screen resolution tweak but nobody provided the solution I really was looking for. Kudos!

    1. Every time I set up Wine, I must look at my own hint again… glad it helped you, too!

    1. when you know where to look

      And impossible when you don’t… which is where I stayed far too long.

      Next time, we’ll both know where to look!

  2. I believe some people have written Python scripts to automatically pull things like font-size and colors from your GTK theme, although the one I’ve got here only does colors.

    1. If I used Windows programs often enough to care, that would make some sense. As long as I can see the menu items, it’s all good…

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