Laser-Cut Coaster Kerf Compensation

Having written some parametric coaster generators, I did this for a Digital Machinist article:

Chipboard Kerfs - as cut - composite
Chipboard Kerfs – as cut – composite

That’s the top and bottom of a 40 mm diameter chipboard dollhouse coaster. I made it that small to emphasize the laser kerf: a scant 3 mm across the scorched path on the top and barely 1 mm wide through the bottom, with tabs holding the pieces in place.

The SVG images include the overall frame, as seen above, and the separate pieces for kerf compensation:

Miniature Coaster - on platform
Miniature Coaster – on platform

Embiggening the pieces by 0.15 mm all around produces a very snug fit:

Chipboard Kerfs - compensated - composite
Chipboard Kerfs – compensated – composite

I must eventually try that trick with wood, but at least I managed to get the process down without wasting entire veneer sheets.