Never Antagonize Your IT Staff

A useful CallerID name that’s not actually spoofed:

Illegal Scam CallerID
Illegal Scam CallerID

I get the distinct impression there’s a disgruntled employee somewhere in their IT department and, apparently, there are more than you’d think.

Ya can’t make this stuff up …

6 thoughts on “Never Antagonize Your IT Staff

  1. I see this enough that I don’t think it’s disgruntled IT. I think’s it is something downstream, like the phone provider.Some say “scam”, some say “telemarketer”.

    1. Yabut … we use Ooma VOIP, which simply discards any junk callers. I just added “scam” to my blacklist, in appreciation of someone’s upstream effort!

    1. It’s hard to imagine picking up the phone with any intent other than hassling the caller; it crossed my mind, but the day’s to-do list already seemed full enough.

      A pox on their collective backside!

  2. A friend recorded the outgoing message on his answering machine with a leading 1/3 second burst of 950 Hz. That’s the first tone of the three tone “SIT” identifier that plays when you call a disconnected number.
    He’s found that 90% of the robocallers disconnect when they hear the tone.
    More info here:

    1. It’s not quite the same thing, but Ooma plays the Number Disconnected tune to all known & suspected spammers: new numbers get one call, then they’re blacklisted.

      I still call down a pox on their collective backside!

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