Nine Years of Blogging on Hard Mode

I gave a lightning talk at HVOpen‘s 15th anniversary meeting last week on my experience with Nine Years of Tech Blogging on Hard Mode:

Top Posts 2017
Top Posts 2017

While you won’t get my patter, you should get the general idea: for reasons unknown to me, I’m the go-to guy for water heater repairs.

So much for my solid modeling and 3D printing and suchlike.

8 thoughts on “Nine Years of Blogging on Hard Mode

  1. This is because more of your dedicated admirers own water heaters than 3-D printers.

    1. A distressing number of searches include “whirlpool lifetime warranty” …

      1. We’re starting to think about replacing the electric clothes dryer. One of the first criteria Julie stated: “No Whirlpool”. Our plumber recommended Rheem water heaters, so that’s what we went with. Swapped out the old one before it died and got a drip tray and a drip alarm for good measure. (It’s not accessible, following the arcane tradition that the things that can produce the most damage in a manufactured house are the hardest to check.)

        1. Replace no appliance before its time … but, sheesh, some of ours have been living on borrowed time for years!

  2. Joke about it all you want, last time I serviced my boiler I asked the guys to check the anode. One of them pulled out a 1-1/2 foot wrench and proceeded to grunt. After a few tries he looked at me with a patented This-Won’t-End-Well look and offered to try with a bigger wrench at my risk. As the anode nut was visibly moving in the process I quickly compared the almost certain price of a new water tank right now, to the cost of replacing it x years down the road when it actually corrodes away and sent him on his merry way. Impact driver might have helped… or not :)

  3. I gotta admit…. I did find this blog when i needed to change the PWM frequency on my arduino some 8 years ago……

    It’s been on the top of my RSS feed bar ever since.

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