Monthly Image: Fireworks Moonwalk

The Poughkeepsie Bridge always looks good in its necklace lights:

Fireworks Moonwalk - Poughkeepsie Bridge
Fireworks Moonwalk – Poughkeepsie Bridge

Each catenary carries a string of lights that produces a slight double-exposure effect. It’s not your eyes, there really are two closely spaced lights.

The moon hadn’t yet risen, so the southern sky got completely dark. That makes for an easy-to-assemble south-facing panorama with Poughkeepsie on the left:

Walkway Panorama - South View - 2015-10-29
Walkway Panorama – South View – 2015-10-29

There’s also a north panorama from a previous moonwalk.

The fireworks launched from a barge in the middle of the Hudson River to eliminate the hassle of flaming debris falling on bystanders:

Fireworks Moonwalk - Fireworks
Fireworks Moonwalk – Fireworks

A stiff south wind blew the smoke over the Walkway, far to our right; everybody in that section got a good introduction to fireworks chemistry.

A good time was had by all!