Kenmore 158: Crash Test Dummy Installation

The Crash Test Dummy’s double-walled and somewhat crushed base turns out to be slightly larger front-to-back than the one on Mary’s original Kenmore 158 (which has a later serial number), but it still fits into the cutout in the insulating board we’re using in lieu of a Real Sewing Surface:

Kenmore 158 Controller - First Quilting
Kenmore 158 Controller – First Quilting

Lashing the UI data/power cable to the motor & LED / sensor cables from the sewing machine keeps the Arduino Mega + TFT from falling off the tabletop, but the arrangement reeks of impromptu.

Early reports indicate that the pedal doesn’t feel quite right, with faster speeds requiring too much travel. Given that I worked hard to get more travel with slower transitions into that thing, differences shouldn’t come as any surprise, but … this will require some tweaking.