Blog Summary: 2014

You can tell what’s important, out there in Search Engine City:

Blog Summary - YE 2014

Blog Summary – YE 2014

The Arduino PWM frequency remains entirely too low, American Standard faucets must be reaching the end of their service life, and fruit flies crawled above bed bugs to reach the top spot of entomological concern.

For the third year in a row, the fifth most popular post described removing a water heater anode rod.

I feel badly about the Airship Pirates post: it must be a great disappointment for most folks who expect lurid Steampunk Comix action.

You gotta admit: it’s eclectic!

  1. #1 by hexley on 2015-01-01 - 15:37

    By my somewhat arbitrary categorization, the popularity of broad topics ranks about like this:

    Arduino (6 entries in your list-o’-hits)
    Plumbing (6)
    Insects (5)
    Electrical Repairs (5)
    Circuit Design (5)
    CAD/CAM (3)
    Mechanical Repairs (3)
    Linux (2)
    Misc topics (the remainder)

    So a series of posts about Arduino-controlled water heaters would be boffo, no?

    Happy New Year


    • #2 by Ed on 2015-01-01 - 19:32

      Only if I could work entomophagy into the pictures!

      Seeing as how 3D printing doesn’t appear anywhere near the top of the list, I should get a clue and give up on that…

      • #3 by david on 2015-01-01 - 23:22

        I for one am a big fan of the 3d printing posts!

      • #4 by Jim R on 2015-01-02 - 11:39

        I also enjoy the 3D printing articles – just don’t have a printer yet…

        On the Arduino front, one of the guys in our local ham club’s Arduino class replaced the not-quite-unobtanium heat pump controller board with a custom board with an Arduino controller. I would probably want a watchdog on that…

        • #5 by Ed on 2015-01-02 - 14:34

          I’d like to believe the OEM controller uses clever algorithms to improve the efficiency, but … maybe that’s being overly optimistic.

          Having control over the code that runs such things strikes me as a Good Idea.

  2. #6 by tantris on 2015-01-04 - 00:11

    Bed bugs!
    For onel, the bed bugs are on several pages, which is just keeping the number artificially low (They’re all over if I might say). I think, the winner is still bed bugs.

    And if that doesn’t convince you: I usually tell my wife “The bed-bug guy has a new thing on his blog.”
    (Ehm, and calling your offspring larva…)

    • #7 by Ed on 2015-01-04 - 08:51

      the winner is still bed bugs

      The WordPress stats page helpfully tells me that my “best ever” day had 15790 views, which happened on 23 November 2010, two days after I wrapped up the bed bug series, when Hackaday mentioned it. That single day accounts for 1% of the total page views. [sigh]

      So much for all the tech.

      calling your offspring larva…

      Ya gotta play the hand you’re dealt…

      • #8 by tantris on 2015-01-06 - 00:18

        To be honest, your bedbug-story still is one of the best blogs about the topic.
        If you want to build a heatbox, your blog got a “calculated estimate” with the R-value. On other sites, one gets all kinds of crap advice, including blogs from “certified bed-bug experts” claiming that solar will never work, because it is a different kind of heat.

        • #9 by Ed on 2015-01-06 - 08:04

          it is a different kind of heat

          If I could use fusion to kill all those critters, I’d pull the trigger…

          One incoming page has a title along the lines of “What Happens When An Engineer Gets Bed Bugs”. I gotta admit, that’s great clickbait!