Blog Summary: 2013

I should give up on the tech and write about, oh, kittens…

Blog summary - YE 2013
Blog summary – YE 2013

If I knew anything about the Raspberry Pi’s PWM, writing about it might displace that Arduino PWM post from the top spot…

And, once again, the fifth most popular post documents my struggle to remove a water heater anode rod. That says something, but I’m not sure what.

The Christmas post from 2011 featuring the snow-covered pine tree evidently comes up near the top of everybody’s image search; I wonder how many homebrew Christmas cards feature it?

Onward, into the new year…

8 thoughts on “Blog Summary: 2013

  1. Happy New Year!

    I see from Instapundit that the first round of lawsuits over the NY gun control law caused the 7 round limit to be struck down. Here’s hoping it stays struck…

    1. The 10 round maximum for the magazines remains in effect. I’m not sure why 7 rounds is unconstitutional and 10 rounds isn’t; that’s why I’m not a lawyer.

      1. [Quiet prayer of thanks for living in a state not yet over the edge…]

        I did a quick search and it looks like 10 round magazines are readily available for the Browning High-Power. Midway came up as the first big supplier, plus the eBay suspects. 10 round mags seem to be a nice line for the accessory suppliers.

        For what it’s worth, there’s a discussion at legalinsurrection (author Andrew Branca) that covers the worst of the eye-glazing details. Posted 12/31/2013.

        1. 10 round magazines are readily available

          You noticed the price spread from 13 to 10 rounds, right? [sigh]

        2. Midwayusa says they sell Mec-Gar mags at a good price. Backorder status (both 13 and 10 round) isn’t encouraging, though.

          I have one double-stack pistol, though the gotta-run-to-the-barn one I use at night is a 7 round .45 ACP. If I can’t hit or scare the #$%^ out of a 100 pound cougar with it, I’m a goner, anyway.

          1. One (probably unintended) consequence of the magazine limit: the return of .45 and 10 mm single-stack pistols.

  2. A friend of mine was detailing his adventure replacing water heater heating elements, and I was going to ask him if he had checked the anode rod. Then he explained that his dad made him attempt to unscrew the T&P valve, which turned out to be welded on. After that fiasco, the anode rod became irrelevant.

    1. Ouch…

      I missed a chance to autopsy the drain valve on that dead Whirlpool heater before hauling off to the recycling event; I can’t tell if they’re screwed in with a standard fitting or bolted against an O-ring seal. If it’s the latter, attempting a replacement would be a Bad Thing.

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